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The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword - Game-Breaking Bug Fix (Wii)

Romhack Wii Zelda: Skyward Sword
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Table of Contents

Description #

At a certain point toward the end of the Legend of Zelda Skyward Sword, while collecting pieces of a certain Song, you’re tasked with visiting the Fire, Water and Thunder Dragons in any order you choose. If you visit the Thunder Dragon first — and speak to a certain Goron adventurer more than once — you’ll find that you can no longer trigger the Fire and Water Dragon events. So you’ll have to restart the whole game.

I’ve been investigating the cause of this glitch and the information Nintendo gave was correct, but incomplete. This is what happens:

  • You can activate the glitch if you choose Lanayru on the first or second place. The safest choice is to go to Lanayru after Eldin and Faron.
  • The first time you land on Lanayru once the quest of collecting songs has started, you’ll be able to reach a certain cave from two paths: from Lanayru Mine and from West Desert. If you land on Lanayru Mine (I think this is only possible on PAL versions of the game, but I’m not sure), you’ll see a Goron right there. This is the first step to activate the glitch. But if you access the cave from West Desert, you’ll find that Goron inside the cave and you shouldn’t worry about getting the glitch.
  • When you get the Thunder Dragon’s song, the Goron will still be at the place you found it the first time. As I said, the game will only break if you speak with him at Lanayru Mine. When you speak with him, the game will try to start the quest again. But you already have finished it and have the necessary objects. So, you cannot do anything at Lanayru, and you cannot start any other quest because technically you are still doing the Thunder Dragon’s quest. The game is broken.
  • Even if you do Lanayru the last, I don’t recommend talking with the Goron at Lanayru Mine, because it still changes some events. You’ll be able to finish the game because you’ll already have finished the other song quests. But I haven’t discovered if it has some minor impact on any event.

Download #

So what if you already triggered the glitch? Don’t worry. I’ve made a Riivolution patch that can fix your save and prevent the glitch from happening again. You can download Riivolution here and get some information on how to use it. Once you have downloaded and put Riivolution on your SD card, you can download my patch:

Zelda Skyward Sword Game-Breaking Bug Fix v0.1

Instructions #

  • Copy the files to the SD card.
  • Run Riivolution with Homebrew Channel.
  • Leave everything as it is and click Launch.
  • Load your broken save.
  • Save immediately after.
  • Restart the game as you normally do. You won’t need the patch anymore.
  • Your save should be fixed.

The patch is compatible with both PAL and NTSC versions of the game. If you have any problem or question, contact with me. Here’s a Youtube video with a visual explanation of the glitch and how to fix it: