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Cheetahmen II (NES)

Translation Romhack NES Cheetahmen
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Bugfixed version #

This game is infamous because it’s one of the worst games ever made. It’s full of all sorts of glitches and it’s extremely hard because of it’s glitched gameplay. The game couldn’t even be finished. However, it’s a very rare collector’s item and can be found for more than $1000.

ApeMan, the boss at the fourth level, disappears if he leaves the screen, and if you beat him, it also disappears, so you get stuck at that level and it’s impossible to go through the last two levels. Level two boss can disappear in some circumstances. There’s a hacked version of the rom that offers only the last two levels, but it’s also very buggy. The final boss dissapears too and it’s impossible to finish the game.

Now, all of that is fixed and the game can be completed with no problems. No more enemies disappearing, all levels load correctly, and no annoying level number glitch (levels 4, 5 and 6 were called level 3).

I made some palette and graphic modifications, to fix some elements that looked ugly. Also, I fixed some spelling errors in the intro.

The patch is in IPS format. If you don’t know how to use it, search the internet. There’s a lot of information.

Download #

Cheetahmen II Bugfixed v2.1

Spanish translation #

There’s a lot of games that didn’t receive a Spanish translation, and I had the magnificent idea of translating one of the worst ever: Cheetahmen II. It’s an unlicensed NES game made by Active Enterprises, the bunch of geniuses that made Action 52, another game that sucks ass. But it’s so bad and there’s so much history behind these games that somehow it has its charm and there’s even some fan community out there. Besides, they are such rare games, especially Cheetahmen II (since it was never actually released, a few thousand copies were found in a warehouse when the company ceased to exist), that copies have been auctioned for more than $1000.

So I have decided to make a translation of the “fixed” version that can be found on this page, along with some more improvements such as changing the text colors to make it more readable. Now you can enjoy the game from beginning to end without bugs that make it unfinishable, and in Spanish. By the way, I took the opportunity of fixing some texts and typos, since the original was pretty badly written. Without further ado, here are some screenshots and the patch in IPS format.

Download #

Cheetah Men II (U) [T-Spa by PacoChan]