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Table of Contents

Here’s a list of webpages that I like or I think they are interesting, categorized in type and alphabetical order.

Development #

  • Huge resource for GameBoy emulator development.
  • Soywiz: Friend and a really good programmer that does all kinds of software projects, even a game engine!
  • Resource of N64 development documentation.

Emulation #

  • Emutalk: Community that once was Emulation64, and has all sorts of emulation news.
  • ngemu: Another emulation community that has been active since forever.
  • Zophar’s Domain: A real classic that I’m glad to see it is still around.

Miscellaneous #

  • I frequented this community back when I did GBA and NDS homebrew games. It has a bit of everything.
  • LauroraDollyArt: My significant other who is a great artist that does cute handcrafted stuff.
  • vgmo: A lot of interesting articles and interviews to videogame composers.

Romhacking #

  • Hack64: Super Mario 64 hacking community.
  • Jul: Romhacking community that has been around for quite a while.
  • Probably the biggest romhacking community out there. It has about everything.
  • SMW Central: Big Super Mario World hacking community.
  • Xentax: Forums focused on reverse engineering game file formats.

Spanish fan translations #

  • Klint Proguctions: Friend that has translated several games to Spanish. But he seems to have been inactive for a while >:(
  • Romhack Hispano: It once was one of the biggest directories of Spanish fan translation groups.
  • Tales Translations: Community that focuses on translating Tales of and other games to Spanish. I was one of the founders, but sadly the site is abandoned.
  • Traducciones del Tío Víctor: Friend that works on a lot of translation and even fan dub projects.
  • TraduSquare: Big community of different fan translation groups.