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Without Escape (Nintendo DS Homebrew)

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I love computers and video games since I was a little kid, and spend my time developing them or porting them to consoles.
Table of Contents

Description #

After several years I have the pleasure to present you the final version of Without Escape.

It is a graphic adventure for Nintendo DS that mixes some touches of Resident Evil and Silent Hill. In the game you wake up because you hear some strange noises, so you decide to investigate. But you soon realize that everything is even stranger than you thought, and you will need to find an explanation for those weird events.

It is basically a point & click game, you touch the screen over the environments to interact and grab items, read clues, go to other rooms, etc.

During all this time I’ve been doing a lot of internal improvements since the beta version, besides finishing the game of course. Skipping the technical details, I have improved and re-rendered most of the backgrounds, I improved many texts and now it has support for multi-language. So if someone offers to translate the game to another language, you can get in touch with me. Besides, during these years I have acquired some musical skills and I have composed several songs, but they appear in specific places at the end of the game. There are also some pre-rendered videos and a weird-ass story. I’m sorry for those that don’t like those kind of stories xd.

Screenshots #

Here are some comparison screenshots showing the before and after. Who doesn’t like comparison screenshots?

(Yes, the lack of furniture wasn’t actually due to story reasons, but due tu laziness)

And this is the new alternate dimension of the game:

Download #

And without further ado, here’s the download: Without Escape v1.4

This version includes improvements to the English translation and adds French.