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City Gardener

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I love computers and video games since I was a little kid, and spend my time developing them or porting them to consoles.
Table of Contents

Description #

This is a small game prototype I did in three days for a game jam, the Ludum Dare 42. It is done done with Unity and I’m pretty satisfied with what I was able to achieve in my first game jam for those few days.

The atmosphere, graphics and sound were the most praised aspects of my game. But the gameplay was the part that suffered the most. Since in the you move in a grid-like environment, I opted to implement dungeon crawler style controls, instead of normal FPS controls. And a lot of people didn’t fully grasp the gameplay, so it seems that I took the wrong decision there.

Story #

You have arrived to the city of Technopolis. The first thing you notice in this modern city is that there’s nothing natural to be found. However, you manage to acquire the only piece of land left with nothing built on it. So you decide to create your own garden to bring some life to this soulless city.

How to play #

Your piece of land consists on a 10x10 grid and you can move from square to square in a first person view. You can sow a plant on each square, and after that you must water it regularly or else it will wither and die. You can sow other plants in other squares while the already existing plants are growing. Once a plant has fully grown into a tree, you won’t need to water it anymore. Your objective is to grow the highest amount of trees that you can before the time runs out.

But be careful! If you step on a square that contains a plant, you will damage it and it will take longer to fully grow. Sometimes you will have to step on a plant in order to reach and water another plant. So plan carefully where do you start sowing you plants and watch your steps to avoid damaging your plants as much as you can. Fully grown trees, along with 10 random rocks scattered through the land will block your way. They can make things harder for you!

This is the cycle of a plant as long as you water it in time:

Nothing -> Seed planted -> Small plant -> Bush -> Tree

If you don’t water the plant in time or if you step on it, it will go back one step as follows:

Bush -> Small plant -> Nothing

Remember that trees won’t die, and if a plant fully dies, you’ll have to plant the seed again.

Controls #

  • W: Move forward
  • S: Move Backward
  • A: Rotate Left
  • D: Rotate right
  • Q: Strafe Left
  • E: Strafe Right
  • 1: Plant a seed
  • 2: Water the seed / plant

Screenshots #

Download #