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Data Extractor

RE GC Background Extractor
Software Data Extractor Windows GameCube Resident Evil
This program can find and extract the room backgrounds from Resident Evil Remake and Resident Evil Zero for GameCube.
RECV Editor
Software Data Extractor Translation Tool Windows Dreamcast PlayStation 2 GameCube Resident Evil
Tool to extract and edit texts and other localizable data from Resident Evil: Code Veronica for PlayStation 2, GameCube and Dreamcast.
Mario Party Tools
Software Data Extractor Translation Tool Windows Linux macOS Nintendo 64 Mario Party
Mario Party Tools is a simple program that allows you to perform several actions to edit Mario Party data.
AFS Packer
Software Data Extractor Windows macOS Linux
AFS Packer can extract the files inside an AFS archive to a folder, or generate a new AFS archive from the files located in a folder.